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5 Ways I Can Help Improve Your eCommerce Results

1. Ensure your websites on page 1 when future customers search.

2. Focus targeting on customers rather than browsers.

3. Only spend money where it’s proved to create sales.

4. 4. Put your products in front of visitors even when they’ve left your website.

5. Make suggestions to your website that’ll improve its overall performance.

Customer Example: £11.56 Returned For Every £1 Spent On Google Ads

Google Ads eCommerce Results

My client’s a local shop selling ladies clothing who I began working with in 2017. Their shop sales were dropping and they wanted to supplement it with more online sales.

Working with their web developer changes were made to the online buying process making it trackable and frictionless. Then I advertised to people looking for their best selling in-store products.

Adapting the website to get the best results, we increased targeted visitors using:

  • Google Search Adverts
  • Google Shopping Adverts
  • Bing Search Adverts
  • Remarketing Adverts
  • In-market Adverts

Following a strict criteria I continually optimised traffic, website and payment process improving conversion rate from 2.85% to 11.33% and return on ad spend £5.45 to £11.56 for every £1 spent.

Working Together To Improve Results

There’s no “one thing” that magically improves your online performance.
Several elements, when working together, can boost results many times over.
Which is why I like to work with you and your team to ensure each part performs to its best.
To help achieve this, I follow a 3 step process:


What do you want to achieve, how & by when?


Are the results as expected? What's been learned?


Add what's proven to work. Remove what doesn't.
Repeat the process doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Who Am I

I’m Paul Cox.

In 2006 I started using Google Ads to promote our promotional gift business.

Since 2014 I’ve been managing clients Google Ad campaigns and helping improve their online performance.
Paul Cox

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